Parent Handbook

*******Parents, please keep this as a guide for the entire dance year! *******

Olivia Bartley-Hill –Artistic Director, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Modern, and Creative Ballet, and Dream Team Coach

Kay Bartley – Office manager

About Dream Dance Studio, Inc.

Dream Dance Studio, Inc. became a corporation in April 2002.  We teach Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Musical Theater, Tap, Modern, and Creative Movement Ballet.  We are also home to the award winning Dream Team, our intensive dance team.  Our goal is to enrich our students’ lives with not only knowledge of dance but a love of dance and themselves.  Through dance, we hope our students will develop a self-discipline that will endure the rest of their lives.  We also try to instill in our students a general knowledge and love of different types of music.  In this time of technology, many children do not get the physical activity they need to stay healthy and in shape; at Dream Dance Studio, Inc. we offer a fun physical activity that strengthens the muscles of the body and also enhances stretching and flexibility skills.

About the Studio

Dream Dance Studio, Inc. is starting its fifth year at our present location. We have one main lobby, one dance floor that is 25 feet x 45 feet, another dance floor that is 35 feet x 55 feet, our third dance floor is 24×24 feet, four restrooms, and a party room. We are equipped with two fully stocked first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

About Olivia Bartley-Hill

  Olivia has been a student of dance since she was in kindergarten.  She attended the Fine Arts Dance Academy for two years, the Dance Factory for two years, and the Oak Ridge Academy of Dance for nine years.  She became a member of the Contemporary Dance Ensemble of Oak Ridge when she was in sixth grade and trained in pointe, ballet, jazz, tap, and modern.  Olivia auditioned for, and made, the competition team, and through this, she competed in several different competitions each year.  Her teams never placed less than a first place finish.   Olivia was invited to dance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.  While in New York, Olivia took classes from famous dancers and choreographers such as Frank Hatchett and Steven Boyd.  Throughout her dance career, Olivia has studied with many teachers, dancers, and choreographers; her most influential teacher is Janice Beringer.  Olivia completed two summers of dance training at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.  Olivia has been teaching dance for fifteen years.  In 2002, she tested and became a member of Dance Educators of America.  Through conventions, training, and tests, she is now certified to teach all levels of ballet, jazz, tap, modern, pointe, and creative movements, and the first two levels of flamenco, and acro/tumbling.  Dance Educators of America is a great organization that keeps Mrs. Bartley-Hill abreast of new information and trends in the dance world.  She has also been certified in CPR and first aid. Olivia is the founder and president of Dream Dance Studio, Inc. and will be teaching ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and creative movement classes this year.  She is a graduate from Roane State Community College and the University of Tennessee.  While at UT, Olivia performed numerous times as a member of the University of Tennessee Dance Company, and in 2005 was featured on the Company t-shirt.  Olivia has been guest choreographer with the Oak Ridge Civic Ballet for “Peter and the Wolf.”  She was also the dance teacher for the Florence Crittenton Agency’s New Pathways Academy in Knoxville, TN.  In November 2009, Olivia took a group of her high school students to dance on National Television in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  While in NYC, Olivia took class at Broadway Dance Center, and also attended class taught by a teacher from STEPS dance studio.

Additional Teachers

Our teaching faculty is Holly Johnson, Danielle Martin, Ashley Taylor, Carina Stewart, Jocelyn Borgers, and Madison Ivey. For more information about these teachers, please read their bios on the bulletin board in the hall way leading to Studios One and Two.

Assistant Teachers

                In many classes (mostly 1st grade and younger), Olivia has trained dancers to assist in demonstrating and guiding younger students.  These young teachers are required to have had four years of dance training by Olivia, be at least 12 years old, and complete a 2-day training at the studio during the summer.  For more information about each of our assistant teachers, please check out their bios on the bulletin board outside studio 1 during the first month of classes.

About Kay Bartley

                  Kay has a degree in Business Administration, Accounting, and English from Cumberland College.  She worked in accounting for several years.  She taught in public schools for over twenty years.  Kay will be coordinating and working the front desk each night.


At the end of the dance year (June 3) we will have a recital.  The recital is optional, but we encourage all our students to participate.  Preparation for the recital takes much commitment and work from the teachers, students, and parents. We will begin working on the recital in January.  A recital handbook will be given out in February outlining all of the details of the recital.  We will have a mandatory dress rehearsal the week of the shows.  The recital will be June 3.  Each dancer will purchase a costume for each class she/he takes.  The average cost of each recital costume is approximately $65.00 and will need to be paid in full by December 3rd.  We will have the costume ledger set up by the first week of August so parents may begin to make payments if they wish to do so.  We work hard to keep the cost of costumes down.  Each dancer will also need to have the proper shoes, tights, and accessories for the recital.  The recital fee is $20.00 per dancer. The tickets for the recital will be $12.00 and $15.00.


Attendance to dance class is very important because dance is a cumulative learning experience with each class building on the previous one.  If your child will not be attending class, please call to inform the teacher.  If a child misses more than three weeks in a row, a phone call will be placed to the parent or guardian.  The teacher spends a substantial amount of time preparing for each class, and when a student misses, it takes time away from the whole class to teach the child what was missed.  If a dancer misses more than ten times in the year, without a serious illness/injury or death in the family, the dancer will be asked to wait until the next year to take more classes.  From the first week of January through early June, we will be working very hard on our recital dances.  This makes class time even more valuable.  Therefore, if a dancer in any one hour class, misses more that two weeks in a row during these months, the dancer or parent is required to schedule a private lesson with the teacher, with private lesson rates applied. 


            Dance shoes must be worn in every dance class.  Ballet and Creative Movement students must have pink leather ballet shoes (boys wear black).  Jazz students must have black jazz shoes (any style except sneakers).  Tap students must have black tap shoes.  Students taking Modern  will wear flesh colored dance paws.  Hip Hop students will wear black hip hop shoes.  We will be lenient for the first month of class.  After the first month of class, students who do not wear dance shoes for class will be asked to sit and watch until they have proper shoes.  No street shoes are to be worn on the dance floor.  Students, parents and siblings need to take off their street shoes in the lobby, before entering the classroom.

 Dress Code and Dance Wear

It is important in every class for both the teacher and student to see the student’s body and legs.  Therefore, baggy clothing is not the best option for a dance class.  Leotards and tights are appropriate for any class.  Dance capris, dance shorts, fitted t-shirts, leggings and ballet skirts are all acceptableWe have a fairly flexible dress code.  We want our students to be comfortable with themselves and their bodies.  Students may be as colorful as they wish.  Denim and other fabrics that restrict movement should not be worn.  We require dance clothing to be worn in every class.  School clothes are not acceptable.  If a student comes to class in clothing not appropriate for dance, they will be asked to put on a leotard from the studio’s stock of used leotards (eeww!).  Dancers must always keep their hair pulled back for class with the only exceptions being modern and hip hop.  If a student’s hair is down, the student must put it up before class.

 Monthly Activities

Each month we will have at least one week designated as a “theme week.”  We will have activities that week to go with the theme.  For example, the week of September 21-24 will be “Bring a Friend Week,” and students are asked to invite a friend to class that week.  Students who participate in theme weeks get rewarded.  A calendar of events listing each month’s theme week and any holidays is printed later in this handbook.


When Anderson County Schools are out for Fall, Christmas, and Spring breaks and holidays, Dream Dance Studio, Inc. will not have classes.  This does not apply to in-service days; we will have classes on in-service days.  This year, we will have class on Martin Luther King Day, but not on President’s Day per AC schools calendar.

 Snow and Flood Days

When Anderson County Schools are called off for dangerous conditions such as flood and snow, Dream Dance Studio, Inc. will not have classes.  This does also include times when school is called off during the day.  If the county decides it is unsafe to go to school, then I do not want to risk the safety of my dancers either.   It does not, however, include days when schools run one or two hours late, or if school is canceled because of maintenance problems.  Please check the studio’s Facebook page if you are unsure whether we have class or not.

Dream Team

The Dream Team is our intensive dance team that travels and often competes in regional and national competitions.  To try out for the team, a dancer needs to have at least three years of dance training with us, be at least in fifth grade, be enrolled in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Modern classes, and be willing to practice and train extra hours.  The Dream Team has class on Wednesdays from 3:45 to 6:00pm.  Additional rehearsals will be scheduled throughout the year.  Anyone who is interested can meet and learn additional skills the month of August and September.  Tuition for Dream Team is $125 per month.  Late in September tryouts, or evaluations, will be held and the team announced.  If you are interested in the Dream Team or need additional information, please discuss this with Mrs. Olivia or Mrs. Kay.

Christmas Performances

Our Christmas performances are fun and optional.  We will be dancing at the Fantasy of Trees, the Clinton Christmas Parade, and a few local nursing homes.  The rehearsals will be announced.  The costumes will be as simple and as inexpensive as possible.  A dancer may sign up for any or all of the opportunities to perform.  Any dancer, preschool through adult, who is interested in doing a Christmas performance, needs to sign up at the front desk.

Dream Dance On Social Media

            Dream Dance Studio, Inc. is working hard to keep our students and parents informed.  I post events, deadlines, pictures, and announcements on the studio’s Facebook page all the time.  We also have added Twitter and Instagram to our Social Media sites.  If you would NOT like your child to be included in any of our pictures we post to social media, please let us know. Facebook: Dream Dance Studio, Inc Instagram/Twitter:@DreamDanceInc

Dance Birthday Parties

            Dream Dance Studio, Inc. is available for dance birthday parties.  If you are interested, we have brochures available that will give you more information. If you want to schedule a party or need more information, please talk to the front desk.


Tuition is due the first week of each month. Tuition for 2020-2021 is still to be determined.

Automatic Tuition Withdrawal

With our new credit/debit card processing system we can automatically withdraw your monthly tuition, insuring you always get the discount.  See the front desk for more information.

Returned Check Policy

A charge of $20.00 per check will be assessed.  The charge plus the amount of the check should be paid as soon as possible.  After two returned checks, only cash  or c payment will be accepted.


Being on time is very important because not only does each class build on the previous one, but in class, each exercise builds on the one before.  If a dancer misses more than the first fifteen minutes of class, she/he would not be properly warmed up.  Injuries are less likely with properly warmed up muscles.  Thus, if a student misses more than the first 15 minutes of class, he/she will be asked sit and watch the rest of class.  Three tardies will be equal to one absence, and the same rules will apply as listed above.

 Rules and Regulations

On the first day of class, each student will be given a student handbook outlining the rules and regulations.  We will go over all of them in class, but we encourage parents to go over the rules and regulations with their children at home as well.

 Private Appointments

During the year, if a parent or student has a problem that they would like to discuss with Olivia or Kay, they must make an appointment.  Parents may not just come in unexpectedly, or when a class is scheduled, to discuss a problem.  We will not discuss problems in front of other parents and the dancers!  We value the parents’ opinions and concerns, but we have a very busy, tight schedule that we must keep.

Monthly Newsletters

At the beginning of every month we will distribute a monthly newsletter to our students.  We have found this to be the easiest way to communicate important information to our students’ families about upcoming events, schedule changes, pressing deadlines, and general news about our studio.  Please make sure that you read each newsletter your child brings home.  Newsletters can be emailed to you at your request, and are also available here.

Calendar of Events for

August 2015 through May 2016

  August 17                   First day of classes

Get acquainted week

September 7               Labor Day

No Classes

September 21-24        Bring a Friend Week

Each dancer may bring one friend to each class

October 12-16            Fall Break

No Classes  

October 26-29            Halloween Dress-up

Students wear their Halloween costumes to class and receive a Halloween treat

November 9-12          Patriotic Week

Students wear red, white, and blue and get a surprise  

November 25             Rehearsal for Fantasy of Trees  

November 26             Thanksgiving Break-No Classes 

December 1-3             Recital costume money due.  

December 14-18         Parent Observation Week

Parents, siblings, grandparents may come and view each child’s classes.

Last week of classes until January

December 21-January 3     Christmas Break  

MONDAY, January 4th      CLASSES RESUME  

January 11-14            Dance of the Snowflake

Dancers wear something white and we celebrate winter and snow

February 8-11            Bring A Dude to Dance Week

Dancers invite their Dad or a significant male in their lives to come to class.  Dancers will get to teach their Dude all about dance!

February 15               President’s Day: No Classes   March 7-11               

Famous Dancer Week (Grades 2-12)

Dancers will pick a famous dancer or choreographer, will research a little about that person, and will tell the other dancers in class about that person.

Prince/Princess Week (Prek-1st Grade)

Dancers dress up like a princess.  

March 21-24              Spring Break

No Classes    

April 11-15                 Bring a Flower Week           

Dancers will bring a flower, real or artificial for each class.  These flowers will be placed in a vase and at the end of class, a name will be drawn and the lucky dancer will take home the whole bouquet.  

April 18-21                 Program Pictures Week

Dancers will have their pictures taken during class time.  The pictures taken this week will be showcased in the recital program.  

April 30th                    Ticket Sales Day

Parents may purchase recital tickets.

May 2nd                      Registration Day for Summer and Fall Classes

May 2-5                      Beach Party Week

Dancers will wear beach clothes, play games, and practice their recital dances in beachwear.  

May 9-12                    Mandatory Parent Meeting Week

Parents will meet during their child’s class to discuss the specifics of recitals

May 30                    All Classes rehearse at the studio.

More details will be given when we are closer to recital time.  

May 31& June 2     Mandatory Dress Rehearsals  

June 3rd                  Recitals! 

July TBA              Sampler and HipHop Camp

**Please note that we DO have classes on in-service days, such as January 4th & 18th, March 28th , April 15th &  18th .