Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What Classes do you offer?

A: For Preschoolers we offer 2 different classes: Creative Ballet and a Jazz/Tap Combo class. Creative ballet is a pre-dance class with the emphasis in Ballet. Students learn the ballet positions of the feet and arms, skips, chasses, plies, releves, spatial skills such as standing in lines and circles, and we also work a lot on coordination skills and improvisational activities-building those little leg muscles. It’s a lot of fun!  The Jazz/Tap Combo class teaches fundamentals of both Jazz and Tap techniques. PreK students will be introduced to isolations, flexibility training, shuffles, and using different parts of the foot to make rhythms and sounds.

For Kindergarten and 1st grade we offer 30 minute classes in Ballet, Jazz/Hip-Hop, and Tap. This year we are offering all these classes back to back on the same night, so it’s really convenient if your child wants to try more than just one class.

For 2nd-3rd grade students we offer 45 minute classes in Ballet, Jazz/Hip-Hop, Tap, and Modern.

For 4th grade through high school, we offer 45 and 60 minute class in  Ballet, Pointe, Jazz/Hip-Hop, Tap, Hip Hop and Modern/Contemporary.

We offer Adult Ballroom Class for beginners and intermediate students by private lessons only. Group classes may be offered based on interest and enrollment

Q: How much is tuition?

A: Tuition is charged Monthly, not weekly. The tuition scale is based on a Month of one style (example: Ballet), two classes could be Ballet AND Jazz
30 minute classes – 1 class-$53 for a month of lessons ($50 with the discount when you pay by the tenth day of each month!)
45 minute classes- 1 class= $56 for a month of lessons ($53 with the discount)
1hour classes – 1 class= $59 for a month of lessons ($56 with the discount!)
If tuition is paid by the tenth day of each month, the price for each class drops $3. If you are unsure about the tuition policy, please request an easy-to-read tuition guide chart from the front desk.

Q: What does my child need to start?

A: She/He will need shoes for each class she/he is in (ballet shoes for ballet, jazz shoes for jazz, etc.) and dance clothes. And that’s basically it!.

Q: What are dance clothes?

A: Leotards, skirts, tights, shorts, and leggings are all appropriate for dance class. As a convenience for our students and their families, we have a dancewear and dance shoe store in our lobby.

Q: Where do I find Dance Shoes?

A: We have a dance store at the front of our studio where we sell dance clothes and shoes as a convenience for our students and their families. We are the only dancewear and dance shoe retailer in Anderson County.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: The only contract we require parents to sign states that you have read and understand the parent handbook.

Q: Do you do recitals?

A: Yes. We do some Christmas performances around Christmas time that are optional, such as the Fantasy of Trees in Knoxville, the Clinton Christmas parade and we pick a Sunday to dance at nursing homes in the community.
Our big show is our end of the year recital that we have the first or second weekend in May usually at The University of Tennessee’s Alumni Auditorium. Every class at the studio performs their own dance routine in the show. We do two Saturday shows so that you can invite as many people as you wish!

Q: How much are costumes?

A: The average costume is about $80-$85. We order in December, but you can start paying for them as early as you like. (Ex. $20 in September, $25 in October, etc. and then by December it is all paid for). We also offer an optional popcorn fundraiser to help families raise funds for costume orders.

Q: Can I watch my child’s class?

A: Week to week we ask that parents remain in the lobby to cut down on distractions during class. We have a viewing window in the studio 1 and studio 3 classrooms and windows in each door of the studio 2 classroom. Parents may look through from these windows to watch. In December, we have Parent’s Viewing Night. We invite the families of our dancers to come and sit in on a class with us to see how much we have learned since August.

Q: Do you do competitions?

A: Dream Dance Studio, Inc. is home to the award winning Dream Team, the intensive dance team at the studio. Students interested in being on Dream Team must have at least three years of dance training, be enrolled in four technique classes other than Dream Team, and yes, we travel to conventions and competitions throughout the year.